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Author Topic: Angulation/Torque orthodontic terminology  (Read 1631 times)
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« on: November 04, 2012, 12:54:45 PM »

I am trying to become "Bilingual" when it comes to discussing POS bracket Rx when compared to the Roth Rx. I've felt a little bit lost when running into non-POS ortho people and they throw their own terminology around.  I have not been able to find a great explaination of the terminology. Visuals would be great. Yes I have looked at the POS book and I've also looked at the Proffit classic ortho book and at various other sources .    I will post the following table out of Proffit and see if anyone can insert the various POS  La, Li, ClII, and Up Rx.   One problem is that I'm not sure what the - and + signs mean with Proffit.  Are they referring to the crown or the root and in relationship to what?  The mesial of the distal crown or root tip? The POS book often refers to "Additional"torque without a negative or positive number. I did not find anywhere the exact numbers for each bracket in a way I could compare to what I see in the  official "orthospeak".  Below is a table from the Proffit book.  I left some spots for a few POS equivalent if someone has that info. The POS book says what the bracket does compared to the POS roth but does not give the prescription every time. I also looked on the appliance section of the software for any details I could find.  I entered what I could below and I am hoping people can fill in what's missing of possibly direct me to a place where this is all described.  There is possibly a POS power point on the subject but I don't recall seeing it

A generalized Angulation/Torque Prescription for "Straight-wire Edgewise" (what we call Roth in POS?). All numbers in Degrees
               Angulation   POS:Roth   TipD    D      TipM               Torque   POS: Roth   Li        Sli      La       TipD    D      TipM               
Central         +5             +5                                                   +14             +12    +22              +2                               
Lateral          +8            +9                                                    +7              +8      +14               -2                                           
Canine          +10         +10                                                   -3                -3                                                       
First PM           0             0                                                     -7                -7                                                               
Second PM       0                                                                   -7                                                               
First Molar     +10                                                                 -10                                                               
Second M      +10           0                                                     -10              -10   

                      Angulation     POS: Roth    ClIIE    Up      Ne         Torque     POS: Roth     Li        Sli     La    Sla   Ne   ClIIE    Up     
Central                 0                  0                                                 -1            0
Lateral                 0                  0                                                 -1             0
Canine                +6               +7                                  +3          -7            -11                               -20          -6
First PM               0                                                                   -14
Second PM           0                                                                   -17
First Molar           0                  0             0                                 -25            -25                                                    -25
Second M            0                  0                                                 -30           -25           -10                                              -10
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« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2012, 12:54:31 PM »

if you want to know the exact torque ,angulation and rotation of each bracket in pos.
1.open IP soft
2. ck the IP applaince ,click each bracket,
3.it is a drop down menu [ Attachment: You are not allowed to view attachments ] -one at a time,each brackets description is there and its use.
for eg
[ Attachment: You are not allowed to view attachments ]
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Dr Anandhi Djegaradjane
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